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Please consider sponsoring a horse in our rescue. For less than $2 per day you can provide all the supplements and vitamins needed for one of our horses. For example - Annie and Earl each receive a supplement for older horses a fat supplement and a daily wormer. The cost for their mixture is about $58 for a 28 day supply. That's less than a cup of coffee per day. Please use our contact form to request further information. We will also post your name on our website as their sponsor. Thank you for your consideration. 

Our very much loved old blind rescue pony, Buddy, crossed over the rainbow bridge on Tuesday, April 14. He will be truly be missed. Run free old boy and I'll see you again one day.

Click on the links below to find out about the TIP mustangs offered through the BLM and Mustang Heritage Foundation. The first link explains the procedure and the second link is the actual adoption application.

New Mustang Arrivals

On Wednesday, March 11, 2015, I headed out to Elm Creek, NE, to a BLM holding facility to pick up 4 mustangs to train for the TIP program. This is one of them. 

I named him Rudy - because he is red like Rudolph. He is really sweet and wants to be your buddy. It is difficult to get a picture of him as I can't get far enough away to aim the camera. He will be learning the basic skills required for the TIP. He already comes when called in  - I use a clicker system minus the clicker. He will be taught to halter, lead, load in a trailer, and pick up all four of his feet to be cleaned. 

From there I will begin teaching them groundwork exercises to prepare them for their first ride.

He is a 4yr old sorrel gelding from the Triple B HMA in Nevada. I am putting him at around 14.2 -3 hands though I have not measured him. He is very calm and I think he would make a great trail horse. 

This is Marilyn. She is a big girl with absolutely lovely movement. I see her as a dressage horse. She is 6yrs old and I am guessing her to be about 15.2 -3 hands. She is from Warm Springs Canyon HMA in Nevada.

She appears to have dapples once she sheds out and she has freckles on her face. 


This is Dexter. He is a 4yr old sorrel gelding from the Triple B HMA in Nevada. He stands about 14. 3 hands and is a gorgeous red. He was captured a day after Rudy and they are very similar in personality and build so it's possible they are related. They are good buddies. I named this one Dexter - after the serial killer in the tv show - because he is a serial instigator. While I was building the stalls he was stealing my supplies while I worked - and all of this was before I ever tried to gentle him to touch or work with him. He is very curious and in your face. His favorite thing to do so far is stretch his neck waaaay out and tuck his nose in your neck by your ear. He just stays there sniffing you and maybe licking. 

With his personality I think he'll be an amazing family horse for someone wanting to ride the trails or cruise around the neighborhood. 

Make sure to follow along on their journey by visiting the mustang page for all of their updates.

Due to insurance issues, we have chosen to not become a non-profit. As it is our insurance to cover taking in rescue horses runs thousands of dollars each year. If we were to become a non-profit it would increase into the $5000 range and I simply cannot afford that. All expenses are paid solely by my husband and myself and I don't see donations pouring in if we were to become a non-profit.

Our training program produces dependable horses who can be relied on to perform the tasks they've been trained to do.

Due to the time I spend with each horse, I only accept a maximum of two horses at a time.

Our rescue operates under the name Healing Horses Rescue Ranch. All of the rescue horses under our care are listed here. If you are looking for a new riding partner we may have your next buddy. Many of the horses listed here are amazing animals who simply wound up here through no fault of their own. They have been loyal trail companions, fun show participants, race horses, and show jumpers just to name a few disciplines. All have spent adequate time here so that we are confident in their ability to perform in the capacity we represent them as being efficient in. They are all current with their vaccines, wormings, hoof care, and have a current coggins. All they need now is a new partner to adopt them. When you choose one of our rescue horses or a mustang available for adoption, we include a lesson either under saddle, or a ground work training session to make sure you and your new partner speak the same language. 

With a variety of offerings to choose from at Rock n' Ro Ranch, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. We have rescue horses available for adoption, lease agreements, or foster care. We are also always looking for sponsors for our horses to help defray some of the operating expenses. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

You may find it helpful to start with our "current rescue horses" page. There you will find a brief description of all the horses in our rescue who are or will be available for adoption in the near future. By clicking on their name you will be taken to their biography page where a more detailed description introduces you to them. If you find a horse that peaks your interest feel free to contact us for further information or to set up an appointment to meet them and discuss them further. 

You may find some images on our website disturbing. It is not our intent to upset anyone. Rather, it is our hope that through these images and stories people may realize what a dilemma the horse world is currently encountering. For those horse owners who find they can no longer afford to buy hay, pay the board, or cover the daily routine costs involved in owning a horse there are very few options. Unlike a dog, which you could take to your local shelter, there is no place to take your horse if you find you can no longer afford its care. Many times you can't even give a horse away; and that doesn't even begin to address the concern that it quite probably will fall into the hands of a meat buyer if you advertise it as free. And yet to euthanize a horse, if you decide you have no other choice, is well over $250 for the drugs and removal; unaffordable to those who can't afford to buy hay for their friend, so they are left with no options. So I ask that you please don't judge those who have trusted us to care for their horse, but instead try to understand their agony as they go through this difficult time. Currently, every horse in our care was willingly surrendered to us by their owner who knew they were in a bad situation and wanted better for them. Rock n' Ro Ranch wishes to thank all of those who have entrusted the care of their horse to us. 

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We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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